Frankenstein the Inventor

October 28, 2010

When one mentions the name Frankenstein, images of Victor Frankenstein’s nameless monster and creation are brought to mind instead of the inventor himself. This is a fallacy that Victor Frankenstein would not appreciate at the least. Initially, Frankenstein began creating his monster in the name of bettering mankind for his discoveries may “lay the foundations of future success” (Chapter 4) in the fields of science and mechanics.  This naive enthusiasm that first drove him to create this monster quickly faded the minute he gave it life. In this way, Frankenstein is more of an inventor than a creator. One can argue that parents are creators for they “create” life with the knowledge that their act of conception will later lead to the birth of a new life. As creators, parents usually think and plan through and through not simply about the existence of their child but exactly what kind of person their child will be. It is this planning and foresight that Victor lacks and this is what makes him more of an inventor. Inventors do their work in order to achieve the fame and glory that can come from the advent of their novel invention.  They invent for the praise that can come from their invention but does not put much thought into the actual impact of their creation. Inventors are most concerned about the measure of change their invention may bring about for this is a caliber for the impact they have on society. Whether this change is good or bad is not of great concern to them but it is for the creator. This is where Victor ends up being more of an inventor. He cares about how revolutionary his monster may be in the science field but does little to plan exactly what this change may be. In fact, he simply thought about how much change his creation will bring upon society but did not think about what kind of change.

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